Stunning Floral Collages by Ani Cuenca

My latest crush: stunning, one of a kind collages by artist Ani Cuenca. Made out of lots of different materials such as ink, paint and paper and applied on large wooden panels. If you look at her beautiful work carefully, you will notice how the attached pieces fluently fall over each other, adding an extra dimension to her carefully constructed pieces. Love!

Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Ani has a background in architecture but decided to give in to her urge to draw about a year go. From a cozy studio she recently set up, she now happily creates her own beautiful pieces that are always inspired by snippets nature. Black and white are the foundation in Ani’s works, which derives from the idea that each person should experience her pieces in their own way using their imagination:

Colors you see may not be the same that other person sees. That is because we apprehend the colors not through our eyes, but through our brains. A color does not exist objectively. The colors we identify are entirely formed in our brains and the light is capable of transforming any color in our own. Do you see what I see?

To see more of Ani’s creations, visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani CuencaCollage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca Collage by Ani Cuenca