Embroidery by Rosie Wright
Gorgeous Contemporary Embroidery by Rosie Wright

Although it was initially her grandmother who taught her to sew and she learns her techniques through antique books, Rosie Wright’s embroideries have a wonderful contemporary style in which thread and beads come together in beautiful, soft colored abstract shapes. It’s the close up photos of her work in particular in which her incredible attention attention […]

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3D Illustration by Georgie Monica
Multi Dimensional Illustrations by Georgie Monica

I was so happy to stumble upon the work of illustrator and paper artist Georgie Monica. Her beautiful narrative illustrations tell famous and infamous stories in such a rich and wonderful style that tickles my imagination and leaves me curious to see more. Up to the tiniest detail, Georgie creates all the illustrated details by […]

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Emma Repp
Dazzling Illustrations by Emma Repp

I couldn’t stop staring at all the brightly colored details when I first stumbled upon Emma Repp’s one of a kind illustrations. The countless strong colors and patterns give her works such a magical atmosphere. Like looking at the negative of an old photograph, running your eyes over the bright lines, experiencing feelings of mystery […]

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Milkhouse Studio
Colorful Collages by Milk House Studio

Artist Hannah Burnworth likes to create all things paper. Handmade books, playful sculptures and color popping, hand sewn collages of botanicals that will stand out on any wall. In her beautiful pieces, Hannah brings together her love for texture, color, nature and the beauty of everyday life.  It’s the kind of art that I can […]

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Heidi Helyard
Colorful Pendants and Studs by Heidi Helyard

A while ago, a set of wonderful, weird little pods caught my eye on Instagram. I got curious and discovered they are creations by Heidi Helyard; a fibre artist and graphic designer who creates these beautiful items with polymer clay and thread. And: they are wearable too! In her Etsy Shop you will find a […]

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Illustrated Smoothies by Hazel Zakariya

My current crush: Hazel Zakariya’s beautifully illustrated smoothies. That’s right.. Smoothies! Yummy, healthy masterpieces, created with milk, fruits, cream and many more ingredients. A treat for the body and a delight for the eye <3

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Chambers Austelle
Beautiful portraits by Chambers Austelle

These ladies by Charleston based artist Chambers Austelle are as beautiful as they are mysterious.. the bright backgrounds and white dresses make me curious about what hides behind their incredibly elegant faces. Indeed, there’s more than meets the eye:

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