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Cat Ceramics by Beardbangs

Today’s post is for all the ceramics ánd cat lovers out there: quirky planters, dishes and mugs, all illustrated with cute furry friends. Aren’t they lovely? The black & white Espresso cup is my favorite!

They are creations by Alicia Zwicewicz, a Montreal based ceramist who creates her works under the brand Beardbangs. You will find all the beautiful items below available in her Etsy shop!

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Drawings for Dog Lovers by Nangso

I don’t have a dog. But these heartwarming drawings by Nansgo make me want to go out and get me a furry friend right away! I stumbled upon Nangso’s work on Instagram some time ago and am slowly falling in love with all of her drawings, in which a very special friendship seems to be the main theme. So adorable! <3

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Embroidery, Mixed Media

Embroidered Animal Brooches by Paulina Bartnik

Current crush: colorful, wearable birds by Paulina Bartnik. Aren’t these gorgeous? Paulina is an artist and animal lover who creates textile bird brooches up to the finest detail using wool and thread.

First, Paulina shapes her wool using a technique called dry felting. After using a needle to give the wool the exact thickness and texture she needs, she paints on the felt with a needle and then finishes up the details with embroidery. And the results are so amazing <3

To see more of her beautiful work, visit Paulina on Instagram and Etsy.

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Folk Science Creatures by Sarah Walsh

Panthera Leo is a ferocious yet big hearted lion. The Dog, Canus Familiaris is a loyal specimen and woman & man’s best friend. All these colorful creatures are part of Sarah Walsh’s beautiful Folk Science Series:

What is that you say??? Folk Science is magic. It’s wonder…It’s rooted in the salt of the earth, the elements and the angles of destiny…It’s the things that we can’t explain but yet delight & comfort us.

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Shopping Inspiration

Illustrated Jewelry by Kaye Blegvad

I’ve written about the wonderful illustrations of Kaye Blegvad before. But besides drawings and ceramics, Kaye has another creative endavour I’m very charmed by. From her brand called Datter Kaye creates delicate pieces of jewelry with a wonderful illustrative touch. I’m so in love with the hand-pendant!

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