Illustration by Jane Ormes
Colorful Illustrations by Jane Ormes

My Monday crush: lovely, messy illustrations of animals and botanical by Jane Ormes; a Bristol based printmaker who has a passion for pattern and the absurd. Love the colors and the chaos. Those quirky little dachshunds in that second piece.. so cute! You’ll find Jane’s work available on print in her Etsy shop.

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Illustration by Matilda Svensson
Dreamy Watercolor Designs by Matilda Svensson

We’re starting off the week with a beautiful selection of watercolor illustrations by Matilda Svensson. Foxes, forests and more beautiful figures emerging out of playful splashes of paint. So whimsical and dreamy.. the cute little bear is my favorite!

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Illustration by Carmen Hui
Delicate Pencil Drawings by Carmen Hui

Sydney based illustrator Carmen Hui uses her pencils to create drawings of animals and botanicals with a wonderful, whimsical touch. From bears with bumblebees to softly colored flowers, everything she creates has this friendly, delicate style that I love so much. The little bird with the party hat is my favorite!

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Illustration by Ying Chen
Illustrated Stationery by YingChen Chen

I would love to fill my desk with the super colorful, beautifully illustrated stationery by YingChen Chen. I’d go for the notebook with bees and florals and the week planner with ice cones and zebras <3 And, of course, the budgie sticker. I love the budgie sticker!

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Nathalie Quederni
Beautiful Illustrated Items by Nathalie Ouederni

French artist Nathalie Ouederni has always been fascinated by watercolors, the way they flow into each other and merge into the paper. By experimenting with this, she creates rich and elegant illustrations that are inspired by animals and nature. I’m so in love with the beautiful bird print!

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Cat Items on ArtisticMoods
15 Illustrated Essentials for Cat Lovers

Here’s some more shopping inspiration for the cat lovers out there! Planters, rings, prints and an instant comfort pocket box that will make everything ok.  All beautiful, all original and created by a bunch of my favorite makers (it’s not exactly beach weather in the Netherlands right now but come on, how could I not […]

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Vibrant Jungle Sceneries by Amber Davenport

It was only recently that I shared Amber Davenport’s colorful ceramics on the blog. But I could no longer hold back on sharing some of her gorgeous illustrationwork too.  I’m not sure if it’s the countless shades of greens, the vibrant patterns or the beautiful jungle animals, Amber’s illustrations have this lovely vibe going on […]

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