Illustration by Linda Jäderberg
Magical Creatures by Linda Jäderberg

We’re starting off the week with a selection of weird and wonderful illustrations by artist Linda Jäderberg. I’ve been a fan of Linda’s work for quite some time and love every single silly creature she creates! It’s her animals with human bodies that I like the most. And though they may be a bit out […]

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Illustration by Tamar Dovrat
Nature Inspired Illustrations by Tamar Dovrat

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, illustrator and pattern designer Tamar Dovrat loves to experiment with different colors and techniques. This leads her to create beautiful, whimsical imagery that is diverse and in which her love for nature stands out. Besides gouache paintings, Tamar also creates risograph prints, which is a process similar to silk screening. I […]

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Fluffy Cat Illustrations by Kamwei Fong

Kamwei Fong’s illustrated cats come in many different shapes, sizes and poses. And many of them are so incredible round and fluffy that I’m left with a strong urge to pick one up and cuddle it through the rest of this very cold Monday <3

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Colorful Paintings by Este Macleod

Please excuse the image overload in today’s colorful Sunday post. But it was really hard to share only few out of the countless rich and dazzling works by artist Este Macleod. Aren’t these gorgeous?! Strongly inspired by flora and fauna, each of Este’s work is filled with countless colorful details that together become exciting and harmonious […]

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Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nico Made Me
Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nicomade

Now here’s a fun way of having your dog, cat, bird, brother, mother or entire family captured in a precious piece of art: custom portraits on pendants by Nicomade. Aren’t these the cutest? And you’ll even be able to carry them around wherever you go! I’d get me a bulldog just so that I can […]

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Illustrated Jewelry by Good After Nine

Illustrated Jewelry are the best kind of jewelry! And these delightfully illustrated rings, earrings and pendants by Good After Nine just went straight to the top of my wishlist. All of the items are handmade by jewelry designer Nine and metal designer Don, who create their pieces together from Bangkok, Thailand. You can find many more […]

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Embroidered Flora & Fauna by Danielle Clough

Current crush: Danielle Clough’s embroidered bits of flowers, birds and butterflies. With stitches that are so incredibly detailed that it appears these colorful birds will fly away any second now! They are part of  a collaboration with artist Danelle Malan and illustrator Daniel Hugo, in which they are creating  7 large pieces of artwork themed on the […]

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