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Illustrated Jewelry by Kaye Blegvad

I’ve written about the wonderful illustrations of Kaye Blegvad before. But besides drawings and ceramics, Kaye has another creative endavour I’m very charmed by. From her brand called Datter Kaye creates delicate pieces of jewelry with a wonderful illustrative touch. I’m so in love with the hand-pendant!

My illustration background means I tend to make pieces with a drawing-based process and a story behind them. I like things dark but elegant, and my jewellery covers some of the same themes I explore in my illustration work: ritual, the occult, war, weaponry, animals, talismans. I like things to show signs of being handmade: nothing too clean or too perfect.  

You will find the lovely pieces below available in Kaye’s Etsy shop.


Kaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye Blegvad Kaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye Blegvad

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