Shari Weschler Rubeck

Every week ArtisticMoods invites an artist to tell us something about the ambitions behind their art. This week we give the word to Shari Weschler Rubeck, who explains how her stunning painting series each focus on different, fascinating subjects:

“Working in series that materialize simultaneously, my imagery is primarily figural in nature.  These figures represent all of us – humans and humanness.  Some pieces are more symbolic of my own self and direct experiences, while others are observations from distant perspectives.

Fascinated by the human psyche, my Ego paintings ultimately shifted to the Alter Ego. The first Alter Ego portrays a human wearing a bunni mask or a bunni wearing a human – there is some ambiguity. We are all mask wearers of vast meaning, purpose & backstage mystery.

Animals are present in my thoughts, dreams and work and are my connection to the subtle workings of the world. They are magical, intuitive, fierce and connected and make wonderful story tellers. The ubiquitous Bunni characters, with their silly but slightly cynical senses of humor, became my visual narrators and continue to do so at random. He or She is in a mood, communicating a specific experience. They are metaphorical messengers who relate to us easily, begging for us to look at ourselves and perhaps find humor in the serious.”

New Beginning is where my obsession lies presently. This expanding body of work deals with the future direction of ‘Us’; how we are communicating, connecting & disconnecting. We are transforming – rapidly merging biology and technology.  I envision a divide in our human race where some link in to a technological world so extreme and others choose or are forced, to hide within what little nature remains.

I fluctuate between giving color & detail to the areas surrounding my characters and leaving them alone in their space. Negative space is carefully considered and expresses tension, while also allowing for areas of visual repose.

Remarkable Women was inspired by the strength of women during the age of Tudor and how they related to modern day women and motherhood.  In Odd Women, figures are leaning, almost falling.  Missing limbs and strange gazes convey an uncertainty correlating with my diagnosis of MS in 2008.

Shari Weschler Rubeck earned her BFA at the Maryland Institute College of art in 1992, with a Major in Painting and a Minor in Art History. Her beautiful works are exhibited in various galleries across the U.S.  

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 New Beginning Series

Blue Evolution. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012.

RobotJump NB5. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012.Lion Girl NB8, by Shari Weschler RubeckSharp Intrusion NB10. By Shari Weschler Rubeck. Robot Swimmer NB4. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012.

EGOS series

Ego#2, by Shari Weschler Rubeck.

AlterEgo #1, By Shari Weschler Rubeck. AlterEgo #3, by Shari Weschler Rubeck. Ego #1, by Shari Weschler Rubeck. Ego #3, by Shari Weschler Rubeck.

BUNNIES series

Waits Patiently. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2010.

Minor Situation Spilt Milk. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012.Bunni In Waiting. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2011. Minor Situation Shrunken Sweater, by Shari Weschler Rubeck. Bunni Lies Over The Ocean - Hare On. By Shari Weschler Rubeck.

Circus Freaks and Tuned In series

Lady Bigsbee. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012.

RamHead. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2012. Tuned In via Newspaper. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2011. Circus Woman. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2010. Long Hare. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2011.

Odd, In, Remarkable Women series

Lean, by Shari Weschler Rubeck.

In Motion, by Shari Weschler Rubeck. Pritty, by Shari Weschler Rubeck. Pieces, by Shari Weschler Rubeck.TILT. By Shari Weschler Rubeck, 2008.