Ray Caesar


Welcome to the bizarre world of Ray Caesar. A place where ladies have cat masks and tentacles, and babies wear tattoos. They have pale skins and sharp eyes that tell us they dominate in a world which is different from that of ours. And allthough his creatures may appear disturbing, Ray Caesar manages to portray a flawless beauty in each single one of them.

Ceasar’s works seem to be paintings at first sight, but they are created digitally: “I create models in a three dimensional modelling software and cover these models with painted and manipulated photographic textures that wrap around them like a map on a globe. Digital lights and cameras are added with shadows and reflections simulating that of a real world.” A lot of his works come with detailed studies, which show us different angles of the subjected characters.

Originally from London, Ray Caesar currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His youth and past activities have been a large influence on his road to becoming an artist. On his website, you will find a very interesting biography of Caesar, who considers himself to be half man, half dog..

Also posting on: His blog, Facebook & Myspace.

From Such Foulness of Root does Sweetness Grow. By Ray Caesar, 2009.

Fallen. By Ray Caesar, 2013.

Castor. By Ray Caesar, 2005.

The Gift of Love. By Ray Caesar, 2012.The Gift of Time. By Ray Caesar, 2012.

Kit Kat study. By Ray Caesar, 2005.

Home Coming. By Ray Caesar, 2010.

French Kiss. By Ray Caesar, 2009.

Mother and Child. By Ray Caesar, 2013.

Santa Maria. By Ray Caesar, 2007.

The Power and the Glory. By Ray Caesar, 2005.

Siren. By Ray Caesar, 2011.





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  • Reply Nasuha September 24, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Great! Something unexpected within the picture 🙂

    • Reply lynne January 25, 2014 at 1:34 am

      Just discovered Ray Caesar . Having fun trying to interpret his pictures. I wish I could talk to the man…

  • Reply Lillian January 27, 2014 at 6:26 am

    The way this artist uses light in his paintings is amazing. The people glow and feel almost plastic. Like action figures. So unsettling in the best way possible.

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