Natsuo Ikegami

Japanese artist Natsuo Ikegami draws and paints, and I just couldn’t decide whether to focus on her drawings or paintings here. So I chose both, as both have their own outstanding charms. Dots, lines, stars and human figures are all joined together in her beautifully creative works. I love how slightly awkward some of her little characters are portrayed. As if they’re wondering around in their own dreams. Combined with some abstract forms here and there, or simply a bit strange in their appearance.. They’re not perfect. Or perhaps they are exactly perfect? Either way, they are precious.

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The Princess Bee. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2012.

Transpiring. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2013.

Drifters. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2009.

Sasanqua. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2009.

Right Leg and Left Leg. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2012.

Dance. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2013.

Black Bird. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2011.

Feather. By Natsuo Ikegami, 2011.