Rae Ritchie

It’s the acrobat lady that first got my attention to Rae Ritchie beautiful illustrations. Isn’t she gorgeous? Then I also discovered llamas, cactuses and illustrated recipes, all in that same whimsical style. I bet the fifth one called Cactus Mountain Dream would look incredible on a plain kitchen wall!

Rae Ritchie is a Minneapolis-based illustrator and pattern surface designer who gets her inspiration from nature, vintage children’s books, fables and fairy tales. Using gauche, watercolor and ink she creates designs for quilting, home, apparel, and paper industries.

You can find a nice selection of her work available on Etsy & Society6.


Rae Ritchie Rae RitchieRae RitchieRae Ritchie Rae Ritchie Rae Ritchie