Illustration by Ju Castelo
Illustrations of City Life by Ju Castelo

Ju Castelo’s colorful illustrations make me feel quite happy about being a city girl <3 Her beautiful watercolor based paintings portray life in (big and small) cities in such a warm and cheerful style. I love how she paints her folks in  so many diverse ways. And those colorful little houses.. wishing I was there […]

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Illustration by Matilda Svensson
Dreamy Watercolor Designs by Matilda Svensson

We’re starting off the week with a beautiful selection of watercolor illustrations by Matilda Svensson. Foxes, forests and more beautiful figures emerging out of playful splashes of paint. So whimsical and dreamy.. the cute little bear is my favorite!

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Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Those soft colors, those teeny-tiny dots and details… so pretty! Nothing but love for the beautiful botanical patterns of Sara Boccaccini Meadows; a Booklyn-based designer and illustrator who gets her inspiration from nature and little things that surround her in everyday life.

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Lindsay Stripling

Once Lindsay Stripling’s paintings catch your attention it’s pretty hard to let them go. There is so much color and chaos to absorb in her beautiful, slightly surreal works. Love them! Each tells a mysterious story. A magical fragment that might make you remember a dream you once had. Currently based in San Francisco, Lindsay Stripling is […]

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Lorna Scobie

It’s Friday folks! And I’m very delighted to end up the working week with a bunch of super-fun, colorful unicorns, cats, dogs, dog-walkers and more by Lorna Scobie. Love! Lorna Scobie is a freelance artist based in London who has illustrated for various clients including NYLON & Stella McCartney. She is also the creator of two lovely […]

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Rae Ritchie

It’s the acrobat lady that first got my attention to Rae Ritchie beautiful illustrations. Isn’t she gorgeous? Then I also discovered llamas, cactuses and illustrated recipes, all in that same whimsical style. I bet the fifth one called Cactus Mountain Dream would look incredible on a plain kitchen wall!

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Barbra Ignatiev

Feathers, flowers, parrots and pineapples.. the hand-painted patterns of Oakland-based artist Barbra Ignatiev are eye-catching, colorful & very diverse! Barbra graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and earned a BFA in Illustration. She is the founder of the brand Barbarian, which produces fun, vibrant works that are used for different product collaborations. Her creations, […]

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