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Katie Vernon

These watercolor wonders by Katie Vernon just made my day. Love! The colorful fish pattern is my favorite. Katie Vernon is a Iowa-based illustrator who has created imagery for different clients such as Ikea & Hallmark. I shared some of her cute Chipmink Cheeks on the blog a while ago which you can find here. For more inspiration & updates, follow Katie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest or shop for illustrated goods in her Etsy shop.

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Illustration, Painting

Gigi Rose Gray

Chandeliers, bathtubs and dressing tables. Yup, Gigi Rose Gray has a great eye for style! Love the details and the classy color combinations. They bring back the charm of the old days and leave a lovely sense of nostalgia.

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Illustration, Painting

Courtney Cerruti

These beautiful, delicate ladyportraits just made my day. So lovely! They are watercolor paintings by Courtney Cerruti, a San Francisco-based maker extraordinaire; Courtney paints, designs and is the author of Playing with Image Transfers, Washi Tape 101 and Playing With Surface Design. She also creates beautiful things out of everyday materials like candy wrappers, books and toilet paper tubes.

For more inspiration, follow Courtney on Facebook & Instagram. The beauties below are for sale on this page.


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Cate Parr

Nothing but love for these dazzling watercolor Ladies by Cate Parr. Aren’t they gorgeous? Spectacular colors and a wonderful, dreamlike style.. pretty amazing! Cate Parr is a UK-born & Los Angeles based fashion illustrator who has created works for numerous clients. For more information about the artist, visit her shop or website.

You can also follow Cate on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter for updates.

Selling prints on Etsy & originals on Saatchi Online

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