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Melodie Stacey

When I look at Melodie Stacey‘s paintings I always end up staring at the little things in her works. Leaves, birds, trees.. It’s wonderful to see how all the details come together so perfectly in her whimsical landscapes. And those colors… and those beautiful, mysterious ladies… sigh.

Based in Brighton, England, Melodie Stacey is an artist whose works have been exhibited in the UK and in the USA. You can find many more of her illustrations on her Instagram account where she frequently shares new works and projects.

If you’d like to have Melodie’s art on your wall, you can find prints and original works in her Etsy shop.


Melodie Stacey Melodie StaceyMelodie StaceyMelodie Stacey Melodie StaceyMelodie StaceyMelodie StaceyMelodie Stacey Melodie Stacey

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  • Reply Emmie September 21, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Stacey’s work is amazing! Thank you for introducing it to me :).

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