Lena Revenko

Sometimes when I visit an artist website to select art for the blog I find myself enjoying their works even more than I did before. That’s exactly what happened when I scrolled around on Lena Revenko’s website: her fun and fascinating little characters drew me straight to a fabulous world of little fantasies. Revenko’s illustrations (often painted on old book pages) have the full package: amazing colors, amazing patterns, even more amazing details and an outstanding imagination that breaks away all limits between fantasy and reality. Boys wearing monster hats? Why not! Human-like dogs with flowers growing out of their backs? I’d put it up on my wall any time! I think I’ve made my point.. I ADORE Lena Revenko’s paintings.

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Lena Revenko moved to Israel at the age of 14. She studied Visual Communications and Illustrations at Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Currently she works as an artist and Graphic Designer in Tel Aviv.

Website: www.lenarevenko.com
Also posting on: Facebook & Flickr


Lena RevenkoLena RevenkoLena Revenko Lena RevenkoLena RevenkoLena RevenkoLena Revenko Lena Revenko