The Crafty Gift Guide on ArtisticMoods
The Crafty Gift Guide

After sharing lots of Ceramic Gift Guides these last few months, its time to put a spotlight on some other crafty goods that have caught my eye lately. Art prints, wallpapers, hand-woven wall hangings and temporary floral tattoos to celebrate summer in style. Oh, and some ceramics too of course 🙂 All of the items […]

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Illustration by Sena Kwon
Illustrated Ladies by Sena Kwon

I’m not sure whether it’s their gorgeous curves, their fierce expressions or the colors and details that surround them, but there’s something about these goddesses by illustrator Sena Kwon that makes me love their vibes so much.. Present, sensual and playful. The lady with the blue braids is my favorite!

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Illustration by Kendra Binney
Magical Collages by Kendra Binney

My latest crush: magical collages by artist Kendra Binney. Rich of colors, details and mystery, these gorgeous pieces make it so inviting to put my computer aside for a bit and get lost in a pastel-colored daydream.

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Illustration by Claire van Heukelom
Colorful Portraits by Claire van Heukelom

With soft and charming color palettes, illustrator Claire van Heukelom creates eye catching portraits that have a delightful feminine atmosphere. I love how in many of these pieces her use of figures and details is quite limited but incredibly rich of character. The lady in green in the first image is my favorite!

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Illustration by Herikita
Dazzling Illustrations by Herikita

At midnight, when everyone is sleeping and the world is quiet, artist Herikita creates dazzling illustrations that are rich of colors and delightful details. With a strong narrative style and sometimes combined with striking words, I constantly find myself staring at her pieces, absorbing all the gorgeous botanicals, animals and characters.. so beautiful! You can find […]

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Illustration by Rachael Dean
Colorful Illustrations by by Rachael Dean

I’ve been following the wonderful work of Rachael Dean on Instagram for a while now and I always love seeing her new, colorful illustrations pop up in my feed. With a strong focus on femininity and fashion, many of her ladies are surrounded by botanicals and covered in dazzling outfits that I wish I’d own (and […]

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Illustration by Beatriz Gutierrez
Whimsical Illustrations by Beatriz Gutierrez

My latest crush: illustrations by Beatriz Gutierrez. Rich of deep colors, whimsical characters and with a slightly surreal touch, her beautiful fragments make me daydream about magical lands and far away places.. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently based in Brooklyn, Beatriz Gutierrez is an illustrator  who graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design, with […]

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