Illustration by Aura & Cherrybag
Playful Collages by Aura & Cherrybag

Using different collage techniques and colored pencils, Illustrator Aura creates colorful portraits and cozy fragments in which I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two. I love how the shapes in her work revel different structures, and how all the playful details fit together so harmoniously. The lady on the sofa in the second image […]

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Illustration by Brunna Mancuso
Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso

A bit of an image overload in today’s blogpost. But it’s been a while since I shared the work of Brazil based artist Brunna Mancuso and found so many gorgeous new pieces in her collection that I couldn’t help myself! I particularly love the girl in the fourth image, in which Brunna included a colorful […]

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The Mapsy Project
Mapsy – Illustrated Maps by Artists Worldwide

Looking for some ideas for your next city trip? Perhaps you can let one of these beautifully illustrated maps be your guide. Or, if your have a favorite place in the world you want to be reminded of every day, have a peek at Mapsy’s collection to see if it’s available on print!

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Illustration by Ashley Amery
Magical Illustrations by Ashley Amery

I would love to spend a week or so in one of Ashley Amery’s dazzling illustrations; swim in the ocean and discover the beauty that hides in the waters, get lost in a forest filled with countless colors and playful shapes or meet one of the magical creatures that’s hiding between the gorgeous details of her […]

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Illustration by Ida Kortelainen
Papercut Illustrations by Ida Kortelainen

Pastel colors and paper crafting; two of my very favorite things combined in these wonderful illustrations by Ida Kortelainen. Using colorful bits of painted paper, she creates collages that are rich of cute little details and character (and I know it’s still August but some of these pieces are making me long for some winter coziness!).

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