Mapsy – Illustrated Maps by Artists Worldwide

Looking for some ideas for your next city trip? Perhaps you can let one of these beautifully illustrated maps be your guide. Or, if your have a favorite place in the world you want to be reminded of every day, have a peek at Mapsy’s collection to see if it’s available on print!

Mapsy is an online marketplace that aims to offer maps of as many places as possible, created by illustrators all over the world. It was founded Alex Foster; an illustrator who draws lots of maps himself and was asked numerous times if he could create people’s home towns. The collection of locations is large and growing! You can find them all here and follow Mapsy on Instagram for updates.

Discount Code

If you find that place that you love, make sure to use the code Artisticmoods15 at checkout to get a 15% discount on your prints! The code is valid until August 30th.

Call for Illustrators

If you’re an illustrator and would like to join the Mapsy project, you can send an email to to submit your work.

Iceland - Sarah Frances
Iceland – Sarah Frances

Paris - Livi Gosling
Paris – Livi Gosling

Okinawa, Japan - Katie Lukes
Okinawa, Japan – Katie Lukes

New York - Livi Gosling
New York – Livi Gosling

St Agnes, Cornwall - Melanie Chadwick
St Agnes, Cornwall – Melanie Chadwick

Bangalore, India - Aishwarya Vohra
Bangalore, India – Aishwarya Vohra

London - Livi Gosling
London – Livi Gosling

Lake Map - Katie Lukes
Lake Map – Katie Lukes

Amsterdam - Julia Gash
Amsterdam – Julia Gash