Illustration by Sofia Moore
Whimsical Paintings by Sofia Moore

With countless colors and details to absorb, artist Sofia Moore paints magical worlds that I would love to get lost in. Her beautiful work leaves me curious about the delightful characters she portrays, blending into their surroundings so perfectly. And those little white paintings on their dresses and wings.. love!

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Illustration by Ana Leovy
Colorful Portraits by Ana Leovy

I can’t believe it has been more than more than a month since I last posted something. So much happened in the last weeks of the year and after that horrible and exhausting Instagram hack I have been putting all my time in my pottery for a little while, which felt good. But opening my computer […]

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Illustration by Martin Haake
Colorful Collages by Martin Haake

Latest illustration crush: rich and colorful collages by award winning artist and illustrator Martin Haake. With so much happening in each of these beautiful pieces, Martin’s work tells little stories and surprise me with details the longer I look at them. The birdwatcher in the first image is my favorite!

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Illustration by Xuan Loc Xuan
Magical Illustrations by Xuan Loc Xuan

There’s something about the magical works of artist Xuan Loc Xuan that keeps me staring at her pieces forever. Often surrounded by nature and the magic of the night, her works portray the most beautiful characters that make me curious to know more about them.

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Adorable Illustrations by Chi Michalski

I have a weak spot for these colorful, magical illustrations by Chi Michalski. Aren’t they the cutest? Playful shapes combined with surprising details, these adorable characters come from a place that I would just looove to visit. The pieces from her Spaghetti Girls series, in which different aspects of girls’ everyday life are explored, are my favorites!

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