Colorful Illustrations by Agnes Loonstra

There’s something about these illustrations by Agnes Loonstra that make them such a delight to look at. Drinks at the Dutch canels, bikerides through the country fields and good times with friends and family, Agnes’ illustrations tend to focus on the things that make life wonderful <3

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Ceramics by Miri Orenstein
Illustrated Ceramics by Miri Orenstein

When illustrators start creating ceramics, magical things can happen. That’s what’s shown in this collection of beautiful, playful sculptures and functional ceramics by artist Miri Orenstein. Aren’t these gorgeous? Although all of Miri’s ladies have this quirky, one of a kind style, each of them has its own little character, making her creations such a […]

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Illustration by Iga Kosicka
Portraits and Still Lifes by Iga Kosicka

Iga Kosicka gets inspired by everyday objects, situations and living things, and loves to paint them in colors that are just a tad brighter than the real thing. The result; a collection of beautiful, eye catching still lives and portraits that have such a lively character. I can’t keep my eyes off those cute little […]

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Linoprint Illustration by Ellen von Wiegand
Gorgeous Lino Prints by Ellen von Wiegand

Lino cut printing can require lots of work and patience. But these gorgeous, one of a kind portraits by artist Ellen von Wiegand are a proof that the results can be so worth it! There’s something about these ladies, their poses and the surrounding patterns, that makes me curious to know more about what’s behind these […]

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Illustration by Ly Yeow
Seascape Illustrations by Ly Yeow

When visiting Orchid Island in Taiwan in 2015, artist Ly Yeow spent her days sitting at the shore, absorbing the changing colors of the breaking waves. It’s what made her fall in love with the ocean and inspired her to paint a beautiful collection of illustrations that are part of her LyttleSea Series; adorable little characters bathing […]

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Illustration by Marcy Ellis
Botanical Ladies by Marcy Ellis

The longer I stare at these beautiful ink & watercolor paintings, the more obsessed I’m becoming with Marcy Ellis’ botanical queens. Super fascinating, slightly bizarre and so incredibly gorgeous! Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy is an artist and elementary art teacher who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine […]

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Illustration by Mojgan Ghare
Whimsical Illustrations by Mojgan Ghare

Toronto based artist Mojgan Ghare creates colorful imagery that feeds the imagination in such a delightful way. The different materials she uses (pens, colored pencils, digital edits and even wood) give her work so much character. They appear bot playful and innocent, but have this wonderfully mysterious vibe at the same time.. love!

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