Giveaway: Art Print by Zsalto [closed]

We have a winner..

Congratulations, Tiffany! Zsalto’s art print is yours.

Thanks for joining the competition all! If you would still like to get one of Zsalto’s prints, visit her shop here.

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About Zsalto

Using mostly watercolors and gouache paint, Zsalto creates the most beautiful, magical characters that are loved by many. The countless details, colors and curiosities give her work such a strong and mysterious character. Love!

Zsalto is currently based in California, though her Hungarian roots still reflect strongly in her folkloric painting style. Another important inspiration for Zsalto is her travels; living in Budapest, Barcelona and Berlin caused for continuous change in nature and cultural environment, which she is very thankful for.

You can find a nice selection of Zsalto’s work available on Etsy and Society6.

For more info & updates, visit her site and follow her on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest.

Some of my favorites by Zsalto:


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