Yuki Goto

When I was a kid, all Dutch winters would look like the nostalgic little scenery in Yuki Goto’s ice skating illustration. As soon as the ice was thick enough we’d get out to the nearest canal and spent entire days skating, playing and drinking warm chocolate milk from the stands selling drinks on the ice. Nostalgia!

With her gorgeous illustrations of Holland, Bolivia, Turkey and many other countries, Yuki Goto’s heartwarming, friendly imagery takes us on a little trip around the world, reminding me of places I’ve seen and countries I’d still like to visit. I love the colorful atmospheres she creates!

Visit Yuki’s website for many more [written in Japanese].


Yuki GotoYuki GotoYuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto Yuki Goto

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