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Toby Penney

Every week ArtisticMoods invites an artist to tell something about the ambitions behind his or her art. This week we give the word to Mixed Media artist Toby Penney:

“My goal is to appreciate and learn from everyday and every experience. Small, simple moments are what really matter in a lifetime. Long lasting relationships are built out of enduring and appreciating the everyday.

Color is absolutely one of the most memorable elements of a moment for me. I often start a painting with a quick sketch or mark and then a flood of color. The memory of a color can often be the catalyst for an entire painting or even series of paintings. After my initial mark making and color choice, each layer of the work is created in response to the previous one. After several layers are applied the painting has a history of its own. The texture of this history can be seen in the layers of paint and collage that build up.

Mixed media including acrylic, latex, pastel, graphite, ink, & oil pastel are favored painting mediums but I often incorporate found, reclaimed, and recycled materials into my pieces.  Clothing, particularly that of family members will often find its way into my paintings. I have a definite affinity for handmade and vintage fabrics as well. These time worn pieces carry a sense of history and wisdom with them. I strive to capture and memorialize some of this energy in my paintings.  In an effort to connect with history, recently I have been incorporating techniques from traditional craftwork into my paintings. You can see both sewing and knitting techniques, among others at times. Very often, I am using articles made by my own hand.”

Toby Penney’s beautiful works are exhibited and available in several galleries in the US. 

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Toby Penney Toby Penney Toby Penney Toby Penney Toby Penney Toby Penney

Toby Penney


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