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The Tokyo Illustrators Society

The Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS) is one of the most respected organizations for illustrators in Japan. It was established in 1988, when a group of passionate & hard-working artists slowly grew out to become one of the most important creative platforms in the country. In the beginning of 2015 The Tokyo Illustrators Society consisted of 232 very talented illustrators from three different generations. They regularly organize contests, conferences and exhibitions with a purpose to promote illustration in Japan.

So yes: visiting director & illustrator Hiroyuki Izutsu and staff members at the TIS was definitely one of the highlights of my trip in Japan. And although I’ve been back for a month I feel like sharing a bit more about this organization as I am a big fan of what they do and what they stand for.


When I visited the Society, one of the main questions on my mind was how and if the society saw themselves on the international level. As a foreign blogger, what did they even think of me being there and asking them questions? Hiroyuki explained how the international role of TIS on the is becoming more and more essential. “Because of modern technologies, there is more global competition and the artistic quality of an illustrator becomes more important. It is our mission to show the world the many artistic talents our beautiful country has.”

I’m very happy to support them in this. How can I not be? Among their members are MANY amazing illustrators, like the ones you’ll find below.

For more, you can visit the Tokyo Illustrators Society here.
You can find an archive of all their previous exhibitions here.

Yuriko Endo:

Yuriko Endo

Nao Hanawa:

Nao Hanawa

Keiko Hasegawa:

Keiko Hasegawa

Takahiro Kimura:

Takahiro Kimura

Sora Mizusawa:

Sora Mizusawa

Amigos Koike:

Amigos Koike

Kaori Matsukura:

Kaori Matsukura

Izuru Aminaka:

Izuru Aminaka

Kintaro Takahashi:

Kintaro Takahashi

Ritsuko Izutsu:

Ritsuko Izutsu

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