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Amy Ross

I’m not sure what these are called, but I love them! They are collages by Massachusetts-based artist Amy Ross. Bringing together flora and fauna, Amy creates all kinds of strange, delightful creatures that I wouldn’t mind saving a spot on my wall for. 

Amy Ross graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, in 2000. Her works have been exhibited in Musea and Galleries around the US. She also creates watercolor paintings that are just as beautiful & curious as the collages below, so make sure to visit her website for many more:


Amy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy Ross Amy Ross



This isn’t the first time I’ve posted artwork by Aitch and it probably won’t be the last time either. I love everything about her works! With beautiful colors and magical details, this Lisbon-based artist creates little stories I can stare at forever…

The illustrations below are from a series called The Imaginary Life Of. Besides illustrating, Aitch also likes to play with clay and paint on walls. She has a Facebook page where she regularly posts new works and you can buy some of her works on Society6.

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Tahel Maor

Tahel Maor is a Tel Aviv-based artist who is currently majoring in Multi-disciplinarian Art at the Kalisher College of Art and New Media. Her works have this wonderful, magical touch that gives her images stories and makes me curious for more. Luckily there is plenty of more illustrations to be found on her site. You can also purchase her works at a little place called Art Setters. Enjoy!


Tahel Maor Tahel Maor Tahel Maor Tahel MaorTahel Maor Tahel Maor Tahel Maor Tahel Maor


Laura Stoddart

Liverpool-born artist Laura Stoddart started her career illustrating the English Royal Mail Christmas stamps in 1996.  Since then, she has created the most beautiful, charming & delicate illustrations for a broad range of clients including Vogue, Country Living and Crabtree. Her works can not only be found on print, but on other things (such as stationary and china) too. Many more about Laura Stoddart on her site!


Laura Stoddart Laura Stoddart Laura Stoddart Laura Stoddart Laura StoddartLaura Stoddart


Judith Clay

It’s time for a little sunday-escape from reality and a flight right into the magical world of Judith Clay. Aren’t these gorgeous? I love the beautifully illustrated ladies, the animals, the colors…I love it all!  Judith Clay was born in a small town in Germany. Her works have been featured exhibited in solo- and group exhibitions and have also appeared in various publications. Many more to be found in her Society6 store:


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Illustration, Painting

Matias Santa Maria

Artist Matias Santa Maria creates sci-fi fantasy worlds that are colorful, exciting and filled with wonderful little details. With starry nights and occasional tigers included, it’s easy to stare at them for a long, long time without getting enough of his beautiful skies and landscapes. Bravo! Matias Santa Maria is based outside of  Santiagio, Chile. On his Flickr page you will find many more stunning creations:


Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria Matias Santa Maria