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Dreamwalkers by Elaheh Taherian

I currently have a huge crush on the whimsical illustrations of Elaheh Taherian. It happened when I spotted the floating lady in the first image on Toi Gallery. Then I discovered it was part of a amazing series called Dreamwalker which is a collection papercut ladies with beautiful dreamscapes on their lovely, quirky bodies.

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Illustration, Paper

Papercuts of Far Away Lands by Lucila Biscione

The longer you stare at Lucila Biscione‘s papercut illustrations, the more you will discover. Such magical creatures.. so much beautiful hidden details. Amazing!

Lucia Biscone is a Buenos Aires born artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. The works she creates are carefully cut by hand and often mixed with pencil and ink, which makes the characters come to life even more. It’s her own emotions that inspire her the most and challenges her to transform her art into a different reality. Every small detail of my life can be a story to draw.

You can find a beautiful selection of prints available on TOI Gallery.

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Mixed Media, Paper

Papercut Dioramas by Mar Cerdà

I wouldn’t mind spending a day or two inside the papercut dioramas by Mar Cerdà. I would get cozy in that paper sofa, serve myself a teeny tiny pie and maybe water the plants in the little greenhouse. And just look at those little movie inspired scenes of Romeo & Juliet and The Royal Tenenbaums. Absolutely gorgeous!

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Illustration, Paper

Delicate papercut artworks by Eugenia Zoloto

Oh my. These delicate paper cut illustrations by Eugenia Zoloto are so beautiful. And the patience.. Eugenia takes many, many hours to first draw the sketches and then cut out all the figures and details by hand. But the results are defietly worth it. Notice that some of her works, like the red dress, are really large too.

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Paper, Shopping Inspiration

Tara Galuska

The first thing I did after coming back from my blog break? Visiting the sites of my favorite makers for new loveliness I might have missed. It’s when I stumbled upon some new treasures by paper poet Tara Galuska. Beautiful handmade plants, swans, butterflies and more to adorn any corner of your home with. Love!

For more about tara and her work, visit these previous posts or go to her website.

A selection of Tara’s creations are for sale on Etsy. And: she also does custom paper portraits!

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