Embroidery, Mixed Media, Paper

Handcrafted plants and insects by Kate Kato

I think I’m going to be a collector of Kate Kato sculptures. I will start off with some teeny tiny beatles and slowly build it up to an entire wall frame filled with beautiful flora and fauna. With so many pretty colors and carefully constructed details there’s no doubt that that would look absolutely amazing!

Kate Kato is an artist, designer, crafter and collector of unwanted things. Using recycled materials such as paper and textile she re-creates well known elements of nature and manages to capture a beauty that often remains hidden to the naked eye. In her work you can find letters, print, or other traces of a previous life:

I like people to be able to see where the materials have come from as well as what I have turned them into, evoking that childish curiosity we all have somewhere inside!

For more about Kate and her work, visit her site here.


Kate KatoKate KatoKate KatoKate KatoKate KatoKate KatoKate KatoKate Kato Kate Kato

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