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Alice Lindstrom
Collage, Illustration, Mixed Media

Paper Collages by Alice Lindstrom

Yesterday I stumbled upon some colorful collages by Alice Lindstrom and I fell head over heels in love with her warm, wonderful illustrationwork. Using paper pieces with all kinds of textures and colors, Alice creates illustrations that are full of life and character. I love how you can recognize many elements separately, while at the same time they look so harmoniously at place with all the other beautiful details. The lady in the first image is my favorite!

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Sarah Matthews

Paper Creations by Sarah Matthews

From her studio in Nottingham, paper engineer Sarah Matthews creates birds, flowers patterns and all kind of other loveliness using nothing but colorful paper. Her creations are used for a variety of things, from fotoshoots, visual merchandising to events. You can find many more of her paper creations on her site!

Ps: On Sarah’s blog you will find a step by step DIY tutorial to create your own plants you can’t kill 🙂

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Illustration, Paper

Magical Papercuts by Catfriendo

After some technical hiccups, the blog is finally back to its old self. And boy, did I miss sharing my favorite finds with you folks! Like these delightful papercut illustrations which caught my eye on Instagram the other day. They are creations by Catfriendo; a candy enthisuast who uses a swivel knife to transform pieces of wite paper into whimsical pieces of art. Love the slothmaid!

You’ll find all the works below and more available in her Etsy shop

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Illustration, Paper

Paper made Sceneries by Helen Musselwhite

Helen Musselwhite’s love for arts began in her childhood days, on a day she received a vivid array of colored pens for Christmas. Immediately rearranging the colors of the pens in a way that pleased her better, it was the start of a creative journey that would lead her through studies of graphic design & illustration and a period of painting  before arriving at the medium she loves the most: paper.

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Illustration, Mixed Media, Paper

Paper Animal Dolls by Emma Kidd

A while ago I stumbled upon a lovely Etsy shop called Ben Censervato and I ended up browsing through an amazing collection of wonderful, weird hand crafted animals for a long time. They’re so lovely. And there are so many! Most of them are originals, and some are available as DIY kits and downloadable files too.

Ben Coservato is run by Emma Kid; an Australia based artist, illustrator, printmaker and photographer who spends most of her time creating things. The creatures below and more are currently available in her shop.
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