15 original artworks (at a very affordable price)

It’s such a special feeling to put an original piece of art on your wall. There are more details to admire and more structures to absorb. And the very fact that you’re staring at something that someone dedicated time and effort on is so awesome!

For today’s themed blogpost I created a collection of beautiful original artworks by my very favorite artists.I’m sure you’re gonna find something in here that fancies your style! And: to keep the game fun and open for everyone, prices range between no less then then $25 and no more then $300.

Clicking the images will take you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!

Kate Pugsley

Confetti. Original painting by Kate Pugsley.
Available on her website.


Laura Carlin
Lion Tile by Laura Carlin.
Available on The New Craftsmen.


Lisa Krannichfeld
Mouth III. Original painting by Lisa Krannichfeld.
Available at Saatchi Art.


Amy Dawson
Emily. Original embroidery by Amy Dawson.
Available on Etsy.


Grandmas. Original painting by Zsalto.
Available on Etsy.


Tara Galuska
Simply Succulent. Original paper illustration by Tara Galuska.
Available at Buy Some Damn Art.


Liu Chenyang
I Pray and Pray. Original painting by Liu Chenyang.
Available at Saatchi Art.


Yelena Bryksenkova
The Nudes series. Original Painting by Yelena Bryksenkova.
Available at Enormous Tiny Art.


Daphne Bally
Untitled Invisible Series. Original painting by Daphne Bally.
Available at Saatchi Art.


Natalie Wargin
Pokeweed. Original painting by Natalie Wargin.
Available on Etsy.


Polly Fern
Miniature Vases. Ceramics by Polly Fern.
Available on Big Cartel.


Happy Red Fish
Home and Plant/Red Door. Original hand threaded artwork by Happy Red Fish.
Available on Cargo Collective.


Maria Arseniuk
Sloth Hoop. Original embroidery on print by Maria Arseniuk.
Available on Etsy.


Amanda Blake
Jessamine. Original painting by Amanda Blake.
Available at Enormous Tiny Art.


Elizabeth Mayville
Two Hands. Original painting by Elizabeth Mayville.
Available on Etsy.