Melissa Castrillon

I found me another wonderful set of illustrations I’d like to share with you today! These gorgeous works are by Cambridge (UK) based illustrator Melissa Castrillon. Melissa earned a First class Honors Degree in Illustration and gained a Masters degree in Children’s book Illustration at the Cambridge school of art in 2014. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and is creating her first picture books for Simon & Schuster (New York) and Topipittori (Italy). For many more works and info you can follow Melissa on FacebookFlickr, Twitter & her Blog, buy her work at her online shop of visit her website here.

The first five illustrations below are from a 12-page book Melissa produced during her final BA year at the Cambridge school of art. They tell a true story about a sad woman in the late 19th century who threw herself off a bridge. But her dress inflated during the fall, causing her to land in the water safely. She lived till the age of 84.


Melissa CastrillonMelissa CastrillonMelissa CastrillonMelissa Castrillon Melissa CastrillonMelissa CastrillonMelissa CastrillonMelissa CastrillonMelissa Castrillon

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