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Meeting Hatsuki Miyahara

Japan blog project, day 12

Yesterday was all about colors. Blue sky, pink cherry blossoms (they’re starting to come out!) and rainbow-colored illustrations by Osaka-based artist Hatsuki Miyahara. Another illustrator that stole my heart years ago, and who I was now going to meet in person. Yay!!

In person, Hatsuki is as cheerful as her works are. So happy and sweet.. The kind of woman that brings a smile to your face as soon as you see her. She picked me up from the station in Osaka and showed me to her wonderful home. We entered her house, took off our shoes, poored some Ocha (tea), and started chatting about dreams, about travels, and about Hatsuki’s life as an illustrator.

I asked Hatsuki how she became the artist she is today. She explained that her career started off when she was thirty. “When I was a kid I drew all the time. I still remember how happy I was the moment my parents told me that I could study illustration full-time when I was old enough. But for some reason, that dream went out of sight for a while when it was time to go to college.”

Hatsuki studied economics and worked in an office for some years, but she soon realized that this kind of work wasn’t for her. “I didn’t fit in well. Then I remembered the dream I had as a kid. I knew it was time to quit and go to illustration school.” So she did. And this turned out to be a great decision. Hatsuki is not only an amazingly talented illustrator, she is also a happy illustrator. “I’m so greatful that this is how I make a living now. I love my job!”

It was time to see some of her works. What I like about Hatsuki’s style, is that she paints in layers of colors. I think it’s quite unique as it gives her paintings a very lively & vibrant expression. Hatsuki paints her illustrations by hand and then gives them a finishing touch in photoshop.


Hatsuki Miyahara Hatsuki Miyahara


Although her personal style is very visible, Hatsuki still searches for new techniques to work with. “For me, it is very important to continue developing myself as an illustrator. I want to keep an eye out for upcoming trends. My work may be colorful now, but this might change in the future. All possibilities are open, so we’ll see what happens!”


Hatsuki MiyaharaHatsuki Miyahara Hatsuki Miyahara


Some more works I found her blog:

Hatsuki MiyaharaHatsuki MiyaharaHatsuki Miyahara


I loved meeting Hatsuki yesterday. And it wasn’t going to be the last time we met! Today, Hatsuki organized a little illustration party at a restaurant in Kyoto where I got introduced to six more amazing artists who showed me their works. I won’t give away too much about this yet because I really need some sleep right now. But I’ll tell you this: dining with seven super-talented artists in the heart of Kyoto should be on everyone’s to do-list.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!

For more about Hatsuki Miyahara and her works, you can visit her website and blog.


Hatsuki Miyahara and Sandra Apperloo

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