Mixed Media

Lori Field

Nothing but love for these dazzling pieces by Lori Field. I’ve been a fan of her work for a while so I’m delighted to share some of my favorites with you today. Lor’s mixed media drawings and paintings offer a one of a kind-glimpse into mysterious, intimate worlds that are rich of color and details. I can stare at them for ages…

Lori Field is an award-winning artist who works with different media and has shown her woks in numerous exhibitions. If you haven’t seen her work yet I strongly advice you to go and see more on her website. You can also follow Lori on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram for inspirations and updates.

Represented by: 
Cumberland Gallery (Nashville), Janine Bean Gallery (Berlin) & Thomas Paul Gallery (L.A.)

Interested parties can contact the artist directly on this contact page.


Lori FieldLori Field Lori FieldLori FieldLori FieldLori FieldLori FieldLori FieldLori Field

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