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La Nonette

Every week ArtisticMoods invites an artist to tell something about the ambitions behind their work. This week: Dutch illustrator Manon Bijkerk, aka La Nonette

Officially I am an Illustrator, but more of a contemporary one. I have a degree in Illustration from ArtEZ (Zwolle, The Netherlands) and I also studied at Escola Massana, Barcelona, which had an huge influence on my style. My work  is always very personal. With my paintings and drawing I try to communicate and share what’s inside my head with the audience, but I like people to interpret my work in their own way and give it a meaning of their own. I have two different sides who can both be really seen in my work. I have happy and quirky illustrations and comics but my paintings tend to be more serious and even melancholic. But my work is always recognizable as mine.
Recurring themes are human relationships, love, femininity and my cat. I usually draw female characters who are secretly self portraits and portraits of my friends. Normally I wake up with the image stuck in my head, I make a quick sketch or two and then I start drawing. Only after the work is finished I find out what it’s about and what I want to say with it. So I’m not really conceptual but more of an intuitive artist. The point of most of my work is that I try to make the world just a little more beautiful and your days just a little more brighter.
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La Nonette La Nonette La Nonette La Nonette La NonetteLa Nonette

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