La Fille Bertha

I have a weak spot for La Fille Bertha’s beautiful big-eyed ladies and their slightly surreal style. They can be found on all kinds of surfaces, ranging from plain paper to fabrics & murals. Oh how I’d love to stumble upon one of her paintings on the street!

Based in Italy and working as a freelance artist, La Fille Bertha has participated in all kinds of creative collaborations since 2012. She also contributes to several fashion projects such as the Italian magazine Fashion Illustrated and fashion label Quattromani, which featured her drawings and patterns in their collection during a catwalk show.

Visit her site for more about La Fille Bertha and her wonderful projects or follow her on Instagram, Tumblr & Facebook for updates.


La Fille BerthaLa Fille BerthaLa Fille BerthaLa Fille BerthaLa Fille Bertha
La Fille Bertha’s wall paintings in Favara, Bergamo & Piazza del Ferrarese, Bari (Italy).

La Fille BerthaLa Fille Bertha
Illustrations for “Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana”, curated by Paola Bertola & Vittorio Linfante.