16 Precious Pieces of Illustrated Jewellery

There are certain pieces of Jewellery I’ve been having my eye on for some time now; a fabulous Sloth Ring Set and a supercute Porcelain Pendant in particular convinced me to make this week’s themed post all about illustrated rings, earrings and necklaces. I visited many shops of many of my favorite makers and created a list of 16 precious pieces that will make you show off your love for handcrafted goods in style.

Clicking the images will take you directly to the shopping spot. Enjoy!

Sloth Ring / Mary LouSloth Ring / Mary Lou
Sloth Ring Set / Mary Lou Bangkok


Snake Earrings / Lou Taylor Studio
Snake Earrings / Lou Taylor Studio


Ring Holder / Hana BrewsterRing / Hana Brewster

Ceramic Ring Holder & Ceramic Ring / Hana Brewster


Flower Neck Piece / A Little Vintage Store
Australian Wildflower Neckpiece / A Little Vintage Store


Brrd King Ring / Rock Cakes
Bird King Ring / Rock Cakes


Pendant / Bonbi Forest Pendant / Bonbi ForestThunderstorm Locket Necklace &  Spread Your Wings Bird Locket Necklace / Bonbi Forest


Embroidered Pendant / Thread Honey
Embroidery Hoop Art Necklace / Thread Honey


Earrings / Benu Made
Gold & Read Hand Earrings / Benu Made


Ceramic Ring / Fleur de Carotte
Lady with Twig Ceramic Ring / Fleur de Carotte


Necklaces / Kelly Chapman
Hand weaved Necklaces / Kelly Chapman


Porcelain Necklace / Natacha Plano
Paintd Porcelain Doll Necklace / Natacha Plano


Unicorn Ring / Good After Nine Bunny Ring / Good After NineUnicorn Ring & Bunny Ring / Good After Nine


Necklace / Whimsy Milieu
Layered Leaves Necklace / Whimsy Milieu


Fringe Earrings / Boo & Boo Factory
Fringe Earrings / Boo and Boo Factory


Pendant / Dai Li Jewellery
Porcelain Face Pendant / Dai Li Jewellery


Sloth Necklace / Laurie Melia
Custom Sloth Necklace / Laurie Melia

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