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Hiné Mizushima

I just can’t decide which of these tiny treasures I like the most.. the dotted mushrooms, the cheeky bats, or perhaps the blue-colored beetle. To be honest I’ve never liked anything that has more then 4 paws, but Hiné Mizushima can make anything creepy look cute!

Hiné Mizushima is a Tokyo-born artist who majored in Japanese traditional paintings before she started her career as a designer and illustrator. After living in various big cities she is now based in Vanvouver where she also works as a slow crafter, needlefelter, and stop-motion puppet animation video artist (you can find some cool videos here). Her felt sculptures, of which you can find many below, have been exhibited in galleries around the globe. And if you’re interested in starting your own collection, you can buy some of her original creations in her Etsy shop!


Hiné MizushimaHiné Mizushima Hiné Mizushima Hiné Mizushima Hiné MizushimaHiné MizushimaHiné Mizushima Hiné Mizushima Hiné Mizushima Hiné Mizushima

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