Delightful Paintings by Deb Garlick

The whimsical work of Deb Garlick makes me long for afternoon walks in snowy woods. Wander around in silent white and experience the peace & calm I feel when looking at her beautiful paintings. With a modest color palette and playful figures, Deb brings so much character to these sceneries! Besides landscapes, Deb also creates stunning portraits that have that same delightful style.

Deb Garlick graduated with a BA Double Major in Art History and Visual Arts before spending some years in the UK and finally residing back home in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her exciting travel adventures are the most important inspiration for Deb. In her creative progress, she threads her her experiences and simplifies them into beautiful, quitet imagery.

My current work is considered ‘contemporary figurative’ but what I really paint is stillness, moments of acceptance or contentment or awareness. It’s so hard to describe so I’ll just let my paintings do that for me. My entire remit is to create a quietness so when I share a piece of work the calm is palpable. It is what I appreciate in my world.

For more about Deb and her work, visit her website or follow her on Facebook & Instagram.


Deb GarlickDeb GarlickDeb GarlickDeb GarlickDeb GarlickDeb GarlickDeb Garlick Deb Garlick

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