Illustrative Experiments: Colored pencils

After experimenting with linoprinting in the previous Crafty Moods Project, I thought it would be nice to switch to a more familiar material this time: colored pencils! Well, not that familiar. I hadn’t used them in ages. But familiar enough to have a big box of old pencils in the closet, waiting to come out & play. And yes,it was fun!

The most challenging part this month was probably working with different colors. There were so many! I filled up complete papers with try-outs and doodles before starting a drawing, but eventually I got better at taking risks. I mostly drew single items and I really got into patterns. Because I also wanted to do a complete drawing, I ended up creating a final one for which I gave myself the rule to color it up from top to bottom.

Here’s what I drew:



Sketching some plants from my living room was a nice warm-up. except for the lemon tree, I only wish I had that.

Sandra Apperloo


Drawing clothes I wish I’d own was definitely fun.

Sandra Apperloo


Because hugs are important. And because I wanted to practice my people-drawing skills.

Sandra Apperloo Sandra Apperloo


Drawing sweaters was a great way to experiment with different patterns.

Sandra Apperloo

A final full-color

For this one I challenged myself to color up the complete paper. A bit tricky, but a lot of fun!

Sandra Apperloo Sandra Apperloo