15 Inspiring Artists that will make you Love Embroidery

The wonderful things you can do with needle and thread. Stitching may be a traditional practice, it is not old fashioned. At all! There are countless contemporary creatives who work with embroidery. Combined wih other materials or using nothing but thread, the possibilities are endless and the results are stunning.


Sarah Benning

Sarah BenningEmbroidery by Sarah Benning
Embroidery by Sarah Benning

Sarah Benning is an Albany based artist who creates the most gorgeous, hoops that are full of greens and details. I’ve been a big fan of her work for a long time.

She recently launched a monthly pattern project which you can purchase on her Etsy shop. On the first of each month Sarah releases a new DIY pattern and PDF package, designed for all levels and packed with information and tips on how to create your own embroidery. Exciting!

Jazmin Berakha

Embroidery by Jazmin Berakha Embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

Jazmin Berakha is a multi-media artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works with a wide variety of media and likes to include embroidery to explore it’s possibilities in contemporary imagery.

“My work explores the use of textiles in art. Embroidery is a method traditionally associated with crafts, but for me it’s a possibility to work within the context of contemporary art as well. I’ve been always obsessed with colour-printed fabrics and patterns, and I believe this is a major reference in my work.”

Cinder & Honey

Embroidery by Cinder & HoneyEmbroidery by Cinder & Honey Embroidery by Cinder & Honey

Caitlin Benson from Cinder & Honey believes that flowers should last a lifetime, which is  why she stitches them into colorful, delicate hoop embroideries I’d love to see up on my wall.

Visit her shop on Etsy to purchase patterns or pre printed fabrics.

Laura McKellar

Embroidery / photograph by Laura McKellar Embroidery on photograph / Laura McKellar Embroidery on photograph / Laura McKellar

Laura McKellar‘s work usually starts off on the computer where she creates collages from collected images. She then ptints them on textile and finishes them off with beautiful, detailed embroidery. Laura loves to experiment with different materials; besides these embroideries (which are fom older series but legendary to me!) I also love her Ink Garden series and there gorgeous masks.

Visit Laura’s shop for prints, postcards and more!

Yumiko Higuchi

Yumiko Higuchi Yumiko Higuchi
As a bag designer graduated from Tama Art University, Japanese artist Yumiko Higuchi started to focus on embroidery as a side activity at first. But her passion for needles & thread grew quickly, and now, Yuki creates the most beautiful, whimsical patterns – often involving nature and animals – on fabrics, pouches, bowtie brooches, bags and many more items.

Yuki has a very inspiring Instagram account with some great images of her work.

Michelle Kingdom

Embroidery by Michelle Kingdom Embroidery by Michelle Kingdom Embroidery by Michelle Kingdom

Artist Michelle Kingdom creates little fragments in thread that are simply gorgeous and a bit mysterious:

My work explores psychological landscapes, illuminating thoughts left unspoken. I create tiny worlds in thread to capture elusive yet persistent inner voices. Literary snippets, memories, personal mythologies, and art historical references inform the imagery; fused together, these influences explore relationships, domesticity and self-perception.

Michelle’s work will be exhibited and abailable at bG Gallery in Santa Monica from October 1 (that’s tomorrow!).

Thread Honey

Embroidery by Thread Honey
Jenn Riggs from Thread Honey graduated in multimedia communication and visual arts and used this background to focus on embroidery, sharing her love for pattern, pop culture & cool quotes on brightly colored hoops.

Her shop is currently on a short leave, but if you sign up here you will get a notification when she is back.

Marigold and Mars

Embroidery by Marigold & Mars Embroidery by Marigold & Mars Embroidery by Marigold & Mars

The pieces of Marigold + Mars are made by Richmond based artist Cristin Morgan. In her collection of coloful works you’ll find hoops, pendants and custom pet portraits too!

For more of her work you can visit her shop here.

Diem Chau

Embroidery by Diem Chau
Born in Vietnam & currently based in the US, Diem Chau creates tiny fragments in thread over white porcelain cups and plates, using both single thread and patterned pieces of fabric. Magic!

Maria Arseniuk

Maria Arseniuk Maria Arseniuk
Maria Arseniuk prints geometric animal designs onto fabric before decorating them with colorful thread. This gives them an extra dimension and a fun, unique style (the sloth in pink is my favorite!).

You can find a great selection of Maria’s work available in her Etsy shop called Femmebroidery.

Megan Whitmarsh

Embroidery by Megan Whitmarsh Embroidery by Megan Whitmarsh Embroidery by Megan Whitmarsh

Athough this series by Megan Whitmarsh was created some years ago I had to include them because they still belong to my faborites. Love her playful an quirky style!

Megan has a fascinating portfolio of works, varying from these wonderful embroideries to the more recent illustrations, and textile works you will find on her site.

Stitch Folks

Embroidered portraits / Stitch Folks

Carrie Burch the founder of the brand Stitch Folks, from where she stitches portraits, quotes, logos and other things that might cross her path. She loves working on commissioned projects and always chalenges herself to capture as much details as possible. For Carrie, it’s those details that matter the most, as they reveal uniqueness in each of the characters she creates.

Carrie is not taking orders at this moment as she is currently on vacation. But if you sign up here you will receive a note when she is back!

Baobap Handmade

Collar pins / Baobap Handmade Purse / Baobap Handmade Embroidery / Baobap Handmade

From hoops to pins, collars to purses, İrem Yazıcıo from Baobap Handmade stitches her colorful figures on all kinds of lovely items. LOVE the little flowers on the pins!

Follow her on Instagram for new works and updates. The pins are currently available on Etsy.

Izziyana Suhaimi

Embroidered illustration by Izziyana Suhaimi

Izziyana Suhaimi combines her drawing with embroidery and the results are stunning. I really like her more abstract works as well. You can find those here.

Amy Dawson

Embroidered portraits / Amy Dawson
New Zealand based artist Amy Jones is the founder of Cheese Before Bedtime, where you purchase many kinds of embroideries with a beautiful, whimsical style.  These floral girls are my favorites. I also really like her Hipster Series which she created last year. Many more to be found in her shop!