Textile art by Living Fibers
Textile Artworks by Living Fibers

Textile artist Mariana Baertl is the creator behind a brand called Living Fibers; a name couldn’t be more striking for the beautiful works she creates. Using fibers and yarns from around the world, Mariana carefully embroiders and weaves the textiles into gorgeous, vivid artworks that have amazing textures and color palettes. Love!

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Emboidered Fashion by Damaja Handmade
Embroidered Fashion Items by Damaja Handmade

From palm trees and alpacas to all kinds of wonderfully weird abstract shapes; Stefanija’s colorful embroidery gives these shirts, sweater and jackets such an elegant, one of a kind look! Based in Berlin, Stefanija creates her embroideries on used, ethically produced fabrics and gives new life to old fashion items. She frequently sells them through her […]

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Fabric Moths and Butterflies by Yumi Okita

Incredibly colorful and impressively similar the ‘real bugs’. I ADORE these moths and butterflies by North Carolina based artist Yumi Okita. Yumi creates her magical creatures with hand painted cotton fabric, which she embroiders with layers of threads to create texture and color. With her sculptures, which can reach up to 30 centimeters in width, she […]

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Embroidery by Libby Williams
Landscape Embroidery by Libby Williams

Imagine having your favorite place in the world captured with needle and thread. Little colorful stitches that eternalize the grass, sky and the buildings in a beautiful, one of a kind embroidery to remind you of that spot in a very unique piece of art. This is how Luxembourg based artist Libby Williams combines her […]

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Embroideries and Illustrations by Marta Fofi

It’s the bold lines and strong colors that I love most about Marta Fofi’s illustrations. And I love how she has integrated her animals, portraits and other imagery into beautiful embroideries that are equally colorful and rich of delightful details. The friendly looking bloke with the tropical beard is my favorite!

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Embroidered Flora & Fauna by Danielle Clough

Current crush: Danielle Clough’s embroidered bits of flowers, birds and butterflies. With stitches that are so incredibly detailed that it appears these colorful birds will fly away any second now! They are part of  a collaboration with artist Danelle Malan and illustrator Daniel Hugo, in which they are creating  7 large pieces of artwork themed on the […]

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Embroidery by Lily Bloomwood
Embroidered Ladies by Lily Bloomwood

My Monday crush: Lily Bloomwood’s beautiful and delicate embroidered portraits of fabulous female icons. So incredibly detailed that the black tiny fragments of thread in her works could easily be mistaken for pencil strokes. So gorgeous!

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