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Ceramics by Miri Orenstein
Ceramics, Illustration, Shopping Inspiration

Illustrated Ceramics by Miri Orenstein

When illustrators start creating ceramics, magical things can happen. That’s what’s shown in this collection of beautiful, playful sculptures and functional ceramics by artist Miri Orenstein. Aren’t these gorgeous? Although all of Miri’s ladies have this quirky, one of a kind style, each of them has its own little character, making her creations such a delight for the eye. Love!

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Ceramics by Clay Opera
Ceramics, Shopping Inspiration

Whimsical Ceramics by Clay Opera

I’ve been a long time fan of the dreamy, whimsical ceramic creations by Clay Opera. Cats, rabbits, unicorns and little dreaming girls, each of these wonderful vessels comes with its own unique and magical little character. The Peter the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood duo is my favorite!

You can find all of the items below and many more available in their Etsy shop.

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Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease
Mixed Media, Shopping Inspiration

Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease

This week I stumbled upon a lovely little spot called called Goose Grease; a shop run by Anna Leigh and Juan Carlos Donado, who create a wide range of handmade, super adorable dolls. Born out of a mom’s desire to create wooden toys for her little one, Goose Grease now creates all kinds of wooden folks with different functions: peg dolls, ornaments, custom made families and: an entire pirates vs ninjas chess set!

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