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Paper made Sceneries by Helen Musselwhite

Helen Musselwhite’s love for arts began in her childhood days, on a day she received a vivid array of colored pens for Christmas. Immediately rearranging the colors of the pens in a way that pleased her better, it was the start of a creative journey that would lead her through studies of graphic design & illustration and a period of painting  before arriving at the medium she loves the most: paper.

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Paper Animal Dolls by Emma Kidd

A while ago I stumbled upon a lovely Etsy shop called Ben Censervato and I ended up browsing through an amazing collection of wonderful, weird hand crafted animals for a long time. They’re so lovely. And there are so many! Most of them are originals, and some are available as DIY kits and downloadable files too.

Ben Coservato is run by Emma Kid; an Australia based artist, illustrator, printmaker and photographer who spends most of her time creating things. The creatures below and more are currently available in her shop.
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15 Pieces of Original Affordable Art

There’s something special about putting an original piece of up on the wall. More details to admire and more structures to absorb. Owning something beautiful that someone dedicated time and effort to feels great!

For this week’s roundup I gathered together a collection of original artworks, created by my very favorite artists. Paintings, papercuts, collages and embroideries, made with love and all currenty available online.

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Dreamwalkers by Elaheh Taherian

I currently have a huge crush on the whimsical illustrations of Elaheh Taherian. It happened when I spotted the floating lady in the first image on Toi Gallery. Then I discovered it was part of a amazing series called Dreamwalker which is a collection papercut ladies with beautiful dreamscapes on their lovely, quirky bodies.

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Illustration, Paper

Enchanting Papercut Collages by Gang of Freyja

The thing I love most about collages is that paper cut details can bring so much live to an illustration. Like these beautiful flowers and leaves in the work of Juliette Sallin, that look like they will grow right out of their frames. Love! Based in Switserland, Juliette is the founder of the illustration studio Gang of Freyja, from where she creates echanting paper artworks, cards and more illustrated loveliness.

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The Paper Gift Guide

Is your friend having a blue moment? An Instant Comfort Pocket Box will surely bring some cheer. And if you want to wish someone an inspirational Inspirational start of the new year, Affirmation Angela can help.

This week’s shopping inspiration is all about paper goods. Notebooks, puppets, cards and more, designed by my favorite creatives and currently available online. Enjoy!

[You’ll find many more creative shopping items in the Curated Shop]

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