15 Pieces of Original Affordable Art

There’s something special about putting an original piece of up on the wall. More details to admire and more structures to absorb. Owning something beautiful that someone dedicated time and effort to feels great!

For this week’s roundup I gathered together a collection of original artworks, created by my very favorite artists. Paintings, papercuts, collages and embroideries, made with love and all currenty available online.

Clicking the images will take you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!


Jay Mountain Painting - Melodie Stacey
Jay Mountain Painting / Melodie Stacey

Art Center Nabi - Lieke Van der Vorst
Art Center Nabi / Lieke Van der Vorst


Hush Watercolor Painting - Maggie Chiang
Hush Watercolor Painting / Maggie Chiang


Green Hand Papercut - Gang of Freyja
Green Hand Papercut / Gang of Freyja


Kate Pugsley Kate Pugsley

Rain Painting & Abstract Painting / Kate Pugsley


Berrybird Collage - Andrea Steffen
Berrybird Collage / Andrea Steffen


Canvas Painting - Pretty Little Thieves Canvas Painting - Pretty Little Thieves

Canvas Painting 1 & Canvas Painting 2 / Pretty Little Thieves


Wildflower Study - Jen Garrido

Wildflower Study / Jen Garrido


Molly Costello

Spring Hopes Collage / Molly Costello


Best Friends Painting - Yelena Bryksenkova
Best Friends Painting / Yelena Bryksenkova


Bird Watercolor Painting - Geninne Garambullo Watercolor Painting - Geninne

Bird Watercolor Painting & Garambullo Watercolor Painting / Geninne


Blooming Cacti Embroidery - Unpicking
Blooming Cacti Embroidery / Unpicking


Amanda Blake
Oil Painting Portrait – Amanda Blake

Maze Papercut - Eugenia Zoloto
Maze Papercut / Eugenia Zoloto