Antonello Silverini

The collages of Italian artist Antonello Silverini are loved by many and can regularly be spotted in books, posters and newspapers. Silverini worked as a commercial illustrator for large companies before switching to newspapers and magazines. There he found freedom to use and develop his artistic talent. His works are created from a base that begins with a simple sketch. From there, he works with collage and acrylics and finishes them off digitally. Although his focus is very diverse, his illustrations all carry the same playful, creative and even romantic style.. Enjoy!

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About Shyness #1 (series). By Antonello Silverini, 2009.

Ex-Moby. By Antonello Silverini, 2008.

Le Tre Età. By Antonello Silverini, 2007.

Raining Pills, by Antonello Silverini.Barcellona, by Antonello Silverini.

Into The Strange City. By Antonello Silverini, 2011.

Time Machine. By Antonello Silverini, 2007.

Made in Japan. By Antonello Silverini, 2007.

Rainy Today, by Antonello Silverini.

Autumn Sheets. By Antonello Silverini, 2009.Fire Eater, by Antonello Silverini.

Lincolnandroide, by Antonello Silverini.

Ophelia. By Antonello Silverini, 2007.