Olaf Hajek

So many colors, so many details. I love everything about Olaf Hajek’s colorful and vibrant illustrations. Although he studied graphic design, Olaf creates most of his works by hand. His works are painted with acrylic on cardboard, paper or wood and they can be found on books, posters, stamps and even on hotel walls. His colorful works are loved by many and work has been commissioned to many magazines and companies, such as ELLE Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone and Bacardi.

Olaf’s art is featured in galleries worldwide. His most recent show was a solo-exhibition called Strange Flowers in Cape Town, South-Africa. A collection of works that are filled with beauty, while at the same time shedding light on darker, more complex social realities.

Website: www.olafhajek.de
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Olaf HajekOlaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek