Giveaway: Sloth Necklace by Anna Tverdokhlebova (closed)

We have a winner..

Congratulations, Delphine! Anna’s beautiful handmade sloth necklace is yours!

Thanks a bunch for joining the competition everyone. If you still want to have one of Anna’s beautiful illustrated items, you can visit her Etsy Shop.


Sloth necklace by Anna Tverdokhlebova8


About Anna

Originally from St. Petersburg, Anna Tverdokhlebova is an illustrator and crafter who currently lives and works in Germany. She loves to work with different materials (such as brass and ceramics) to create beautifully illustrated jewelry with a wonderful, whimsical touch. Anna creates her pieces under the brand Breadcrumbs Crafts which is connected to her surname (Tverdokhlebova is translated in English as hard bread).

Below you will find a selection of my favorite pieces by Anna. All of these and many more are currently available in her Etsy shop!

For updates and inspiration, follow Anna on Instagram.


Brooch by Anna Tverdokhlebova Pin by Anna Tverdokhlebova Earrings by Anna Tverdokhlebova Brooch by Anna TverdokhlebovaBrooch by Anna Tverdokhlebova

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