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10 Illustrated Items to Celebrate Winter in Style

The Dutch trees are losing their leaves and I used my home heater for the first time this week. Yep, winter is coming! Did you know that the winterdays in Holland are very short? In midwinter the sun won’t rise till 9am and is gone at about 5pm. On working days we sometimes have to miss out on it completely.

Not that I mind though. I love the stay-indoors-and-cuddle season. The run towards Cristmas in particular.

And: we get to use te winter wardrobe again! Get out our favorite sweaters and shop for new items that make us feel warm, comfortable and pretty. Today I’ve started my first search for winter wearables. And I listed ten of my favorite finds [with an illustrated touch of course] below.

Clicking the items will lead you directly to the shopping spot. Enjoy!


Hand Embroidered Coat / Purple Fish Bowl
Hand embroidered winter coat / Purple Fish Bowl


Fox Lap Wamer / Firebox Heated Huggable Yeti / Firebox

Fox lap warmer & Heated huggable Yeti / Firebox


Cockatoo Scarf / Nina Fuehrer
Cockatoo Scarf
/ Nina Fuehrer


Knittd Sweaters / Sheila Couture
Knitted Sweaters / Sheila Couture


Flamingo Scarf / Celapiu
Felted Flamingo scarf / Celapiu


Fingerless Gloves / Natalija Brancevičienė Fingerless Gloves / Natalija Brancevičienė

Hand knitted fingerless Gloves / NB Gloves and Mittens


Panda Hat / Sincerely Louise
Pands hat Knitting Kit (DIY!) / Sincerely Louise


rosebud Stag Socks / Luna & Curious
Rosebud Stag Socks / Luna & Curious


Appledore Slippers / Plumo Folksy Slippers / Plumo

Appledore Slippers & Folksy Slippers / Plumo


Art Print / Liekeland
Last but not least: A print called Winter Harvest by Lieke van der Vorst (I have this one on my wall!)

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