Tote Bags

I love tote bags. Especially the ones that have that are designed by my favorite creatives. So for today’s themes posts I’ve gathered together some textile wannahaves that I would gladly carry my groceries in.

Clicking the images will take you to the shopping spot. Enjoy!


Tote bag / InkBandit

Raining clouds cancas tote bag / Ink Bandit

Tote bag / Hello Small World
Fox tote / Hello Small World

Tote bag / Gingiber
Fox tote bag / Gingiber

Tote bag / Stephanie Cole
Accordion illustrated tote bag / Stephanie Cole Design

Tote bag / CharmThread
Cactus tote bag / Charm Thread

Tote bag / Leah Goren
Black cat tote / Leah Goren

Tote bag / Liekeland
Bison & cat tote bag / Liekeland

Tote bag / Depeapa
Bearded – Screen printed tote bag / Depeapa

Tote bag / Toodles Noodles
Hello Friend Tote Bag / Toodles Noodles

Tote bag / Xenotees
Cats are my bag / Xenotees

Tote bag / Aitch
Garden Tote Bag / Aitch