Illustration by Michelle Moore
Gorgeous Pattern Designs by Michelle Moore

Playful splashes of paint, lots of ink and paper cut details.. Michele Moore creates one of a kind patterns and designs that are an absolute delight for the eye.  I love how she experiments with different materials and colors, and how many of her surprising combinations result into beautiful imagery that pops off the paper.

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Patterns by Markovka
Delightful Patterns by Markovka

Starting of the week with a healthy dose of color is always a good idea. Even more so if they look as lush as in these delightful patterns by Markovka. There’s so much to spot in these lovely creations! And although the patterns on themselves all have a theme, Markovka’s work is super diverse.  I […]

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Colorful Patterns by Sabina Alcaraz

These playful patterns by Sabina Alcaraz make me want to get out my markers and draw right away.  Flowers, leaves and any other botanicals-inspired details that come to mind. I found these lovely images on Sabina’s Instagram where she shares a whole bunch of patterns that are all so colorful, cheerful and diverse!

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Painting / Juliet Meeks
Vibrant Paintings and Patterns by Juliet Meeks

From her studio in New Orleans, Juliet Meeks creates vibrant paintings and patterns that don’t shy away from color at all. Love the fresh floras and the playful little dots and details in her work. And that fox pouch.. so adorable! Juliet gets inspired by vintage textiles and the organic shapes of nature. Her lovely […]

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Illustration by Ying Chen
Illustrated Stationery by YingChen Chen

I would love to fill my desk with the super colorful, beautifully illustrated stationery by YingChen Chen. I’d go for the notebook with bees and florals and the week planner with ice cones and zebras <3 And, of course, the budgie sticker. I love the budgie sticker!

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100 Days of Mini Sketchbooks by Molly Egan

We’re starting of the week with a dose of color and pattern by Philadelphia based illustrator Molly Egan. Aren’t these lovely? Inspired by folk art and vintage textiles, Molly started a 100 day challence in which she added a gorgeous new pattern to a little sketchbook every day.  The results are so refreshing and fun […]

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