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Joey Slaughter
Mixed Media, Painting

Paintings on wood by Joey Slaughter

Mixed media artist Joey Slaughter has an interest in human conversation and wonders how wavelenghts would look like if we could actually see them. With specific sentences and phrases in mind, he visualizes those conversations into wooden, laser cut panels with beautiful, harmonious color combinations. And they’re an absolute treat for the eye!

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Sonia Alins
Illustration, Mixed Media

Floating Characters by Sonia Alins

Oh my, I’m in love. These beautiful and delicate artworks by Sonia Alins have so much charm and character! By working with different materials to create a balance between transparency and blur, Sonia creates pieces that play with perception and depth, leaving me with an urge to dip myself into mysterious pools and swim off to a place between my dreams and reality.

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Collage, Mixed Media

Flower Collages by Anne ten Donkelaar

There is so much beauty to absorb from these magical fower constructions by Holland based artist Anne ten Donkelaar. Aren’t they gorgeous? Anne creates her collages from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures that are carefully placed on pins to create depth. Together, these little fragments of nature result into richly detailed sculptures with a delightful surreal touch:

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Embroidery, Mixed Media

Colorful Embroidery by Katy Biele

Inspired by travels and her Chilean background, artist Katy Biele creates embroideries with bright colors and beautiful designs. I love how her work is rich of playful textures and details. The little knots and beads she includes in many of her pieces give them are a perfect finishing touch that adds a little magic to the fabric.

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Embroidery, Illustration, Mixed Media

Illustrations with Embroidery by Julie van Wezemael

I remember falling in love with Julie van Wezemael’s work in 2014, when I had had only recently started this blog. I still gaze et every new piece I see passing on my Facebook feed. Julie’s illustrations are so full of life and adventure! Although you may not see it at fist sight, Julie includes embroidery in her work too. In the first image, notice the little stitches around the gentleman’s head and in the top right corner? Perfection!

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Shopping Inspiration

Handmade Clocks by Decoylab

Is was the cuckoo-clock in the first image that drew my attention Decoylab’s items. Then I fell in love with all the whimsical designs I spotted in their Etsy shop. Beautiful florals and animals, handcrafted with eco-friendly bamboo and layered with white painted bamboo that gives them a wonderful and unique character.

Decoylab was founded my Maiko; a designer, earth lover and maker of eco-friendly items since 2007. You can find all the clocks below and many more available in her shop.

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