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Kris Knight

I’m a big fan of Kris Knight’s stunning portraits so it’s about time I shared some of them on my blog. Painted in harmonious colors, his characters express both a fierceness and vulnerability at the same time. Very mysterious, very beautiful… Kris Knight is a Canadian painter whose works have been featured in numerous solo-and group exhibitions. For more information and works, you can visit his site:


Kris Knight8 Kris Knight5 Kris Knight7 Kris Knight2 Kris Knight11 Kris Knight4 Kris Knight10Kris Knight6Kris Knight


Julee Rieu

Ancient emperors, fancy ladies from the middle ages and foxy girls from the fifties… In Julee Rieu’s drawings, there is room for everyone! I love the little worlds she creates. Places and people from the past and present (or both!), enriched with beautiful details and a little bit of nonsense. Fabulous!

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Julee Rieu graduated from Parsons the Newschool for Design in New York. She is now back in Seoul, where she lives with her dog Bean. For more, visit her site:


Julee RieuJulee RieuJulee RieuJulee Rieu Julee Rieu Julee RieuJulee RieuJulee Rieu Julee Rieu

Mixed Media

This is not art

Warsheh randomly selected classical paintings, pulled the characters out of their context completely, into an abstract & modern setting. I absolutely love the results. Magical, mysterious, and although most of their original contents are gone, they’ve managed to perceive their beauty. Or better said: they’ve created a new, transformed kind of beauty that I strongly admire. 
Warsheh is a collaboration between Mothanna Hussein and Hadi Alaeddin; two designers who are based in Amman, Jordan. Here’s what they have to say about this series:
This is Not Art.
It’s not deeply meaningful or vaguely philosophical.
It’s not calculated or exact. 
It is only a series of posters designed from classic paintings.
A simple reinterpretation of how we saw them.
Our tribute to art and design.

Buy prints on Society6

Warsheh Warsheh Warsheh Warsheh Warsheh Warsheh


Hori Narumi

It’s my birthday today! And these illustrations by Japanese artist Hori Narumi just made it a special one. I only discovered her work recently and I love how her paintings are filled with beautiful little details (mostly flowers and children) from corner to corner. Hori Narumi is an award-winning illustrator who is currently based in Hokkaido, Japan. She uses different materials for her works, including pencil, acrylic and even photoshop. You’ll find many more of her creations on Tumblr:


Hori Narumi Hori Narumi Hori Narumi Hori Narumi Hori Narumi Hori Narumi Hori NarumiHori Narumi

Mixed Media

Ellen Heck

I love each and every single one of these warm & wonderful ladyportraits. Aren’t they gorgeous? They are woodcut etchings by Ellen Heck; a very talented printmaker who lives and works in California. The works below are part of a series called Forty Fridas, which portrays 40 women that are dressed up as Mexican icon Frida Kahlo. I particularly like the strong expressions in their faces combined with the soft, friendly colors of their dresses, flowers and adornments. More about Ellen and het works on her site:
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Ellen Heck Ellen Heck Ellen HeckEllen HeckEllen Heck Ellen Heck Ellen Heck Ellen Heck Ellen Heck

Illustration, Mixed Media

Katy Horan

On the blog today: a beautiful collection of magical, mysterious and even ghostly illustrations by Austin-based artist Katy Horan. Inspired by various sources, Katy’s works focus on the female roles and representation in history and mythology (such as which tales and ghost stories). Her works have been feautured in various solo- an group exhibitions, and she has an online shop where you can purchase prints and originals. Enjoy!
Selling on: Etsy


Katy HoranKaty HoranKaty HoranKaty Horan Katy Horan Katy Horan Katy Horan Katy Horan

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